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Slawek Staszczuk

Slawek Staszcuk.jpg

"I was born and raised in Gdynia, northern Poland.  In 2007 I moved to Brighton. Back in Poland, I focused mostly on wild bird photography. Luckily, I was living on the edge of a forest in Gdynia. So I had relatively easy access to a lot of interesting birdlife.

But soon after settling in Brighton, the novelty of the countryside around opened my eyes to landscape. Especially the South Downs. And landscape photography has been my main focus since.


10 of my images were commended in 3 consecutive editions of Take a View Landscape Photographer of the year competition - 2009,2010,2011. One of those 10 images received an award for “landscape on your doorstop” sponsored by Natural England.


In Personal my work I have but one objective - to capture beauty. Beauty is the ultimate value in and of itself, I never try to convey any ‘messages’ or even tell stories, although they can of course be found there by the eye of the beholder. I believe beauty is often very elusive, transient, sometimes only happens for a split second, if at all, and I think it my job to be on the lookout for those moments and be ready to capture them." 

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