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Philip Bedford


Philip Bedford is a professional landscape and wedding photographer and a photography tutor. Philip usually wakes up in the early hours for a landscape photography shoot, packing plenty of warm clothing and a fully charged camera battery, and driving to a location for magic hour. There’s always an atmosphere of excitement beforehand, when you never know quite what the weather will deliver, and he keenly watches the skies hoping for a rainbow of golden pre-dawn light, and sometimes a spot of mist or some light wind to carry streaks of colourful clouds across the sky during a long exposure.


Planning landscape photography shoots is pretty meticulous, usually exclusively based on the season and the position the sun will rise and set depending on the time of year. Checking the tide times and weather forecast is also very important, as is browsing maps and satellite imagery to survey the location. He uses Canon EOS cameras and a selection of telephoto and wide-angle lenses and Lee filters, including a polariser and a 10-stop neutral density filter for those long exposures.

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