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Jane Palmer

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Jane Palmer has lived in Scotland, London and Sussex, working in higher education, in art libraries, and as a research consultant. She is now devoting her time to developing her art practice, with an emphasis on figurative work, especially portraits and life drawing. Since her recent move back to Brighton, she has been building art networks in Lewes and Brighton.



She studies at The New School of Art and St Andrews Place Art School in Lewes, and attends master classes (with tutors including Andrew James and Tim Benson) which have developed her expressive style and provided useful discipline.


Jane says ‘I love painting portraits and capturing those elusive moments when models forget themselves and travel somewhere else. The same with landscapes, when the light hits the horizon in the far distance – illuminating something tiny far away.’ Formative influences include Rembrandt, Gwen John, Vanessa Bell, Euan Uglow and Lucian Freud.  Jane admires the work of contemporary artists including Andrew James, Tim Benson, Adele Wagstaff, Daniel Shadbolt, James Bland, Jenny Saville and Sarah Spackman.


Jane won the Artist of the Year award in the Brighton Artists Open Houses festival, following her first open house in May 2019.

Instagram: @janepalmerbrighton

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