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Barbara Simons

I am an Equine Art Photographer with a passion for movement and wild nature. I love to photograph animals and the natural world, but my major muse is the Horse. I have been producing Equine Art images for 10 years, but have played with my family of cameras and lenses for over 40.


I have an unconventional approach and am passionate about creating dynamic fine art images. I am perpetually inspired by the individuality, physicality and elegance of Horses, creating classic and often abstract views that make you look again. I am always striving to improve my technique and love to pull the unusual out of an image.


I like to break the rules, experiment and I am often rewarded with wonder.

To see more of my work go to www.spiritedimage.etsy.com



Camargue horses at dawn. Arriving at the lagoon before sunrise the sky was dark and heavy. Effort and patience were rewarded, as when the horses began to run, the rays of early sun cut through the clouds to give the most magical light.



These two Arabian brothers live on neighbouring farms and were brought together again for this shoot. Their lovely interaction and sense of friendship, connection and joy at meeting again, was apparent in this gentle moment.



On a superb Andalusian Stud in the middle of Gascony, a group of exquisite horses live. Here, two colt brothers about to become stallions, rest and connect during a bit of a dust up. Those resting moments created this harmonious image.