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Barbara Simons

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"I am an Equine Art Photographer with a passion for movement and wild nature. I love to photograph animals and the natural world, but my major muse is the Horse. I have been producing Equine Art images for 10 years, but have experimented with my family of cameras and lenses for over 40.


I have an unconventional approach and am passionate about creating dynamic fine art images.  I am perpetually inspired by the individuality, physicality and elegance of Horses, creating classic and often abstract views that make you look again. I am always striving to improve my technique and love to pull the unusual out of an image.  My work has been featured in 4 Evolver Art exhibitions and the B-Side festival.


Recently I have been creating images of felines and big cats. The energy is different, but the characters and lines are fascinating.  These animals are fragile in our changing world, so in the context of looking again, I hope people will see their magnificence and understand how their protection is vital, for all of us." 

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